TroyAvi Aviation Consultants is a specialist management consulting practice with expertise in strategy development and performance improvement, MRO's, technology and ground handling companies. We have substantial and proven experience and expertise in developing strategies, implementing restructuring, turnaround and transformation projects for improved business performane and financial results for our clients worldwide. We also undertake due diligence services for investors interested in acquiring assets in the aviation sector.

TroyAvi was founded by Dr Emre Serpen, former Global Head of Business Transformation Services of SH&E, in January 2010. Prior to SH&E he was Senior Partner with Sabre, heading up Sabre's Airline Consulting activities in Europe and Asia.  Dr. Serpen brought together a team of experienced industry practitioners, blending  aviation line management, consulting and implementation experience.

To deliver our assignments we use a core team of great expertise, and we draw from a broad network of industry experts.

TroyAvi is currently working with the strategy development and turnaround of a state owned carrier in Eastern Europe.

Our head office is based in Dubai with focus on clients in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, Middle East and South Asia.

Our Services;

Strategy Development  -  Trends analysis, market forecasting, scenario formulation, strategy development and business planning. Mergers and acquisitions, corporate and business strategy reviews. Strategy workshops.

Start Up Services  - Demand and supply analysis, market forecasting, schedule design, feasibility and business plan development. Startup capital, launch planning, organisation, staffing and capital raising.

Due Diligence Services  - Due diligence, MRO´s, Ground Handling Companies, Technical Academies for investors, banks and financial services companies.

Privatisation - Commercial, operational, financial benchmarking, due diligence, market forecasting, organisation restructuring. Spin-off of departments as profit centers. Revenue, profit, capex evaluation, and  business planning. Investor presentations.

Business Transformation -  Improve business and financial performance, develop management expertise through development and implementation of restructuring, transformation and turnaround strategies which produce results.

Network Design And Fleet Planning   - Schedule analysis, market forecasting, scenario development, network design, hub analysis and design, codeshare and alliance analysis for revenue and profitability. 

Pricing and Revenue Management - Revenue benchmarking, fare's analysis, fare families, fare matrix design. Technical, commercial and organisational developments in business management.

Production Planning - Development of an operational plan including schedule and maintenance  through the establishment of cross functional teams balancing all commercial opportunities.

Operations Control - Development and implementation of operations control centers,  co-location of dispatch, operations and control, load and balance, maintenance control, station activities, and improvements in on time performance.

Maintenance and Engineering  - Market forcecasting, business planning, engine and component, productivity improvement. Outsourced contracts benchmarking. Spin off of MRO´s as separate profit centers.

Information Technology - Development of IT strategy. Processes, application clusters, budget preparation, functional specification, tender management and implementation of solutions.

Organisation Restructuring  - Process redesign, accountability groupings, organisation delayering and rationalisation. Development of job specifications. Implementation of organisational changes.

Performance Management - Development and implementation of key performance measures and implementation of performance management process.

Change Management  - Stakeholder analysis, risk assessment, and action to determine transformation targets. Development and execution of stakeholder management and communications plan to deliver the required change.

Industry Intelligence  - Industry analysis, provision of market intelligence services.

Business Management Contingency - Structured approach to determine the business' health.